Potato City. It had opened it's newest attraction, Pleasure Island. They blew €3,000 on the place maybe more, then the strangest thing happened.

They closed it.

How does a place like that just close? It was visited daily like a potato city attraction usually is. A young pig named Peppa Pig wasn't waiting much longer to find out.

She had done much study on it, being more and more interested by the topic each day! Strangely, not a single news anchor did a report on it. It just closed one day and since, everyone else just forgot about it and acted like it didn't exist.

Peppa got a ride on a boat to the island and walked into the brush alone. She walked until she reached Carrot Palace. She saw a live like statue of a snake sitting in the sun. When she went up to stroke it, it moved. It was no statue. It was a real, 8-yard long, python. It slithered into the brush and trees.

Peppa ran inside of the palace and took pictures of the things she saw in there, like, well, Potato City Palace things. Then she saw a door that said Mascots Only. She thought that there must be something in there. Something worth the trip. Even if it was just a photo. The door was rotten and fell down as soon as Peppa touched it.

She flipped on the light and saw mascot costumes lined on they're wall. Peppa was amazed. She took pictures of all of the characters. But something was strange. There was a Mr. Potato costume on the floor. It was in different colors like, like inverted/negative colors. Peppa picked up a Sweet Cranberry Head and what happened next was horrifying.

A real skull had fallen out of the mask and shattered at her feet.

Peppa ran to the door and stopped in her tracks, she had to take a photo. It was weird but Potato City was somehow responsible. She took a picture and walked to the door. Then the inverted Potato costume got up. Peppa took a photo but in it was not the costume but dead pixels in the precise shape of it. Dead pixels covered the screen and the camera broke.

The costume the in said in a perfect Mr. Potato voice, "Wanna see my head come off?" It took it's head off and Peppa ran to the boat and took off. She never wrote a blog post, she never even wanted to TRY and retrieve the photos. She knew why they shut it down... They didn't want anyone in there.

They didn't want any one getting out either.