Hello,you may know the show called Peppa Pig.If you don't know what is Peppa Pig about,let me help you.

Peppa Pig is about a show which airs on PBS ect.I have been finding some scary episodes like this one.Here's the story.

One day my sister and I are playing with Transformers toys and I asked her once we are borned:"Hey,how about we go to the DVD store and find the Peppa Pig DVDs?" She agrees.

So then our parents said:"We are going to the party,behave or get grounded."

So we went to the DVD store,but luckily we found it.It shows the rusted cover and it titled:"Peppa Pig Kills The Whole Family"

So then we went to pay it.It costs about $6.66 dollars.I thought to myself:"How can this episode be scary?" She replied:"I don't know,let's go home and watch to find out."

Then we maded home.I putted the DVD into my Xbox-One and pressed play and then our reactions to this episode turned from happy to shocked.

The theme song plays backwards and the sky is red.It doesn't show Peppa Pig and it doesn't show the intro cuz we skipped.The episode was titled:"Peppa Pig Kills The Whole Family" We began to be scared and I told her:"After the episode,we'll email the creator and tell him what happened and he will reveal how." She agrees.

It showed Mummy Pig and Peppa arguing about Daddy Pig's work..When all of sudden Peppa said:"Ill kill the whole family and burn the house if this does happen tromorrow." We are shocked by the line she said.

And during this,I paused it cause my sister is gonna go vomit.After that, we unpaused to see what happened next.

And then it shows static and later it stopped.The next morning,Peppa said:"Ill kill" She stabbed Daddy Pig first.And then next was George,George was been stabbed and hanging on the wall.And finally Mummy Pig was stabbed by Peppa and the episode ends with the image of the whole family they are killed and the house burned down.

And then we told the creator:"WHY IS THIS EPISODE EXIST?! YOU MADE MY SISTER VOMIT?!" The creator told us what happened:"It was Christmas Eve and he said that one worker has his job is to make good episodes.But then....He killed his whole family.His name was Jake.He then said:"After we viewed it we fired him."

So,kids,if you find this episode DO NOT WATCH IT!!!!!!