It was a normal sleepover.

Peppa, Suzy, Zoe, Candy, and Rebecca were in there sleeping bags.

Suzy saw something on her laptop.

"Hmm, a true story? I don't think so. But a good one yes.

"What is is Suzy?" Peppa asked.

Suzy said, "This story about the Butcher Killer. It goes like this."

Everyone got into there sleeping bags.

Suzy said, "Ok, here I go. Ahem. At night, on a new moon, and if you have a sleepover, if you each cut your finger, and place the blood in the freezer, you can summon the Butcher Killer's Ghost. If there isn't a basement or attic in the house, your ritual won't work. If it does work, a power cut will happen in the house. Then a mysterious ghost called the Butcher Killer will come and people from the sleepover that put their blood in the freezer will vanish one by one. When the last person has vanished, they will be in the basement of the house. will be hung on butcher hooks. They will never be seen again.

Everyone gasped.

"Scary! It's a new moon. I have a basement. We should try it." Peppa suggested.

Everyone decided to do it. After all, that's what girls do on sleepovers, plus it was just a story, or was it?

After they had cut themselves and put their blood in the freezer, the lights went out.

"Maybe it's an act of chance. Or a prank." Zoe said reassuringly.

Then they heard footsteps. All the sudden, Rebecca half screamed.

When they looked over, nothing.

Peppa yelled, "Ok Rebecca! If this is a joke, come over here! It's not funny!!!"

Not a sound.

Then, they heard a noise.

Candy said "Who goes there?"

Suddenly, Peppa slipped in something.

The freezer was open and the drops of blood that were in the freezer were now on the floor.

Peppa had slipped in blood.

"I don't like this Peppa" Candy said.